Our Services - Sports Medicine
Advanced Center for Physical Therapy

Our sports medicine programs feature a unique blend of hands-on manual therapy, coupled with the latest in sports medicine and performance enhancement techniques

Who receives sports medicine treatment at Advanced Center for Physical Therapy?

We provide injury prevention, management and performance enhancement for our local community - as well as world-class athletes. We also work with area high schools, middle schools and college athletic sports programs in our communities.

How is sports medicine approached at Advanced Center for Physical Therapy?

At Advanced Physical Therapy, we offer one-on-one care with an emphasis on maximizing your potential and preventing re-injury through the use of core stabilization and efficient movement strategies. Our therapists focus on improving athleticism and refining the specialized movement patterns required during sports.
Before designing a treatment program, your physical therapist will conduct an initial assessment and develop your peak performance. Our comprehensive evaluation includes a biomechanical analysis of your sport performance, linking it to the entire body. Throughout treatment, we promote the coordination and timely communication of care between the injured athlete, parent (as necessary), coach, trainer and physician. The athletes we treat are encouraged and empowered to become active partners in their rehabilitation.

What is the goal?

The goal of our sports medicine programs is control over your injury and restoration of your athletic performance. Once this goal has been achieved, our Sports Performance Enhancement Program can take you to the next level.