Our Services - Rheumotological Disease
Advanced Center for Physical Therapy

Assessment and treatment for individuals impacted by pain in the loco-motor system

What rheumatological diseases does Advanced Center for Physical Therapy provide treatment for?

We have helped patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, osteoarthritis and gout - as well as a variety of less commonly known conditions.

What are common symptoms of rheumatological diseases?

The most common symptoms are pain and tenderness - but depending on the specific condition, patients may also suffer from fatigue, mental fog, chronic headaches, sleep disruption, irritable bowel and bladder, morning stiffness, anxiety and parasthesias (tingling).

How does Advanced Center for Physical Therapy treat rheumatological diseases?

Because most rheumatological diseases are chronic and long term, it is most helpful to learn how to treat yourself and manage your own care. Your physical therapist may instruct you in using heat, cold or electrical stimulation to treat your pain; a progression of exercises that help avoid symptom flare-ups; relaxation or deep breathing techniques; and pacing your activities to minimize symptoms. In some cases specialized splints may be formed to support your joints to improve your function.