Our Services - Peripheral Neuropathies
Advanced Center for Physical Therapy

Assessment and treatment for individuals impacted by damage to the nerves of the central nervous system

What are the causes of peripheral neuropathy?

It can occur for a variety of reasons, including genetic or inflammatory diseases, conditions in the metabolic or endocrine system, vitamin deficiencies, or toxicities in the body through drugs or radiation.

What are the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?

Depending on the specific condition, symptoms can include numbness, tremors, imbalance, tingling, pain, weakness and fatigue.

How does Advanced Center for Physical Therapy treat those impacted by peripheral neuropathies?

Your physical therapist will first conduct a thorough evaluation and discuss your history to determine the best course of action. The therapist will then develop a customized exercise program to minimize your symptoms and help reduce the frequency of flare-ups. You will also receive an exercise program to do on your own at home.

What is the goal?

Our goal is to reduce the frequency and severity of your symptoms, while helping you achieve your maximum level of function.