Our Services - Orthopedic Rehab
Advanced Center for Physical Therapy

Advanced Center for Physical Therapy therapists understand the healing process and protective rehabilitation after your injury or surgery. We safely and effectively treat you beyond surgical pain and guarding to pain free mobility, strength, function and return to normal activities and sports. We work closely with your surgeon to implement protocols and best practice models that enhance your healing.  We protect your surgery site throughout your rehabilitation and provide home programs to increase your gains. 

What types of conditions does Advanced Center for Physical Therapy treat?
  • Injuries to the muscle, including muscle tears, strains, tendonitis and others
  • Injuries to the bone, such fractures, stress fractures, osteocondyle defects and more
  • Injuries to the joints of the spine and extremities
  • Knee surgery and knee replacement
  • Hip surgery and hip replacement
  • Shoulder surgery and shoulder replacement
  • Ankle & toe surgery, including ankle replacement and toe joint replacement
  • Back & Neck Surgery; discectomy to fusion, and artificial discs
  • Hand, wrist and elbow surgery