Our Services - Balance & Fall Prevention

Advanced Center for Physical Therapy

Education and therapeutic exercise programs to improve strength and balance

Who may benefit from balance and fall prevention therapy?

Elderly people can benefit, as well as those with vestibular dysfunction or injuries or degeneration to the cervical spine or head.

Why is it recommended?

Research shows that people, and particularly senior citizens, who participate in regular exercise programs have a lower incidence of falls and injury. At Advanced Center for Physical Therapy, we can decrease your risk of falls through education and therapeutic exercises designed to improve your overall strength and balance.

What is involved in treatment?

Your physical therapist will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that, depending on your needs and situation, may include:

  • Education regarding body mechanics, the limits of stability, balance strategies, and risk factors in your home - such as throw rugs, obstacles, stairs and railings, etc.
  • An exercise program to increase strength and flexibility in your core and extremities
  • A home exercise program to improve your strength, balance and range of motion
  • Balance training that includes progression from seated positions to standing, as well as other dynamic activities
  • Instruction in the correct use of braces or other assistive devices
  • Treatment for any underlying musculoskeletal issues that may be causing you pain

What is the goal?

Our goal is to decrease your incidence of falls and improve your scores on standardized functional balance tests while ensuring all individuals are restored to a pain-free gait.